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Keep It Simple Headshots


Welcome! My biggest question for our session together is "What do I wear?" My answer is KEEP IT SIMPLE. Simple means classic pieces that you feel comfortable in and represent your style or brand. Classic pieces that photograph well are often blue, white, tan, red, pink, grey and black. Add texture and silk and make my day.

During our planning call we will create our session together.

The following list is all you need for a great KEEP IT SIMPLE headshot session:

  • Women pack a white blouse, black blouse and a colorful blouse

  • Women pack a fitted dress and optional blazer

  • Women pack a silk shell and blazer

  • Men pack a crisp white shirt and blue blazer

  • Men pack a blue shirt & white shirt with a dark suit and tie

  • Men pack a belt and an extra tie

The creative side of me loves it when a customer brings a wildcard piece of clothing. You know that dress in the back of your closet you purchased for a special event that never happened or a tie with bright bold strips you don't wear. Bring it.

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